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This Ingredient Will Spice Up Your Relationships

This Ingredient Will Spice Up Your Relationships.

Many Relationships are becoming stale and colder.

They are losing their spice and taste.

This lose in flavor is not restrcited to romantic relationships.

It seems to be sweeping cross:

  • Friendships
  • Sibling relations
  • Parental relations
  • Work relations
  • Marriages

So what is that one ingredient many of out relationships are lacking?


We have become an insensitive breed of people!

We lack sensitivity to:

  • The needs of others
  • The wants of others
  • The feelings of others

Many of us can't detect that some of the, "I'm fine" responses to our questions of,

"How are you doing" are fakes masking the true feelings of people.

Many people are covering:

  • Pain
  • Suffering
  • Rejection
  • Loneliness

We have become so focused on superficial things we don't take time to tune into the deeper things.

We need to tune into our nurturing sides:

We need to become more sensitive if we are to add:

To our slowly shriveling relationships.

So how does sensitivity help?

When we are sensitive to others:

  1. We are in a better position to offer them the right kind of help to solve their challenges.
  2. We help them shed off their masks so that they can live more authentic and honest lives.
  3. We help people dig into their vulnerable sides. Embracing our vulnerable sides helps us to become more compassionate and empathetic.
  4. It helps us avoid causing pain to others.
  5. It helps us offer healing to others who maybe in pain and they can't speak out.

I know being sensitive is not something everyone is naturally endowed with.

But I do believe that if we ask the Holy Spirit, he can give us a spirit of discernment.

A spirit of discernment is what helps our sensitivity antennas sharp enough to detect the difference between an authentic, "I'm fine" and a fake, "I'm fine".

If you don't have a spirit of discernment and sensitivity yet, I think this a great time to ask the Holy Spirit to provide you with one.